Ciao, sono Abi. . .

Sono il tuo assistente sanitaria virtuale. Ecco alcune delle cose che posso fare:

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To ask a medical question to our network of doctors, send me a message which says ‘Doctor’ and then wait for my instructions.


I understand ‘natural language’ so you can tell me things in your own words. But here are some keywords which I’m sure to understand:

Doctor – use this to tell me you have a medical question for our network of doctors.
# – use this to submit your medical question to our doctors.
(NOTE: only use the '#' to send a medical question to our doctors. Do not use this symbol to send questions to me.)
Cancel – use this to cancel your medical question at any point in the process


Are there other ways to ask a medical question?
Yes. At any time, you can simply start asking a medical question. Add a '#' to submit your question to our doctors.

There are other times when I might ask you if you’d like to ask a new question. Just tell me ‘Yes’ and wait for my instructions to start your question.


I can chat with you via several different messaging apps:

Just tell me which chat app you prefer, and I’ll tell you how to change to that one. You can also find details here: Messaging App List and Instructions.


Skype, Messenger, Telegram, Kik etc. – send me the name of the messaging platform you prefer, and I’ll answer with instructions on how to use it.

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At the moment, I can communicate in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. To change languages, just start writing to me in a new language, and I will switch as well. It’s that simple.


Will the language change immediately?
If you use short words (like ‘Si’), sometimes I can't be sure which language you are using, so I won't change straight away. Just reply to me in your preferred language, using a longer sentence, and I’ll switch when I’m sure I know which language you are using.

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Unless you tell me otherwise, I’ll get you answers from doctors in your home country. If you prefer, I can switch to a different country (click here for a list of available countries.)


Change country – use this to tell me you want to change countries, and to see a full list of available countries
Cancel – use this to change your mind and not switch countries
France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc. – tell me the name of an available country to change your preferences


Is there another way to change my preferred physician country?
Yes, if you don’t want to see the list of countries, you can also just tell me “Change to Spain” or “Please make my preferred country Italy” and I will update your preferred country immediately.

If I change physician countries, do I need to change the language I’m using?
For your questions to the doctors, yes. Please use the native language of the doctors. (Of course you can continue to speak with me in your preferred language.)

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Generally, I rely on you to let me know when you want to use the service. However, I may occasionally contact you, for example to tell you about new things I can do.

If you don’t want to hear from me anymore, just tell me, and I’ll unsubscribe you from the service. 


Unsubscribe – use this to cancel the service
Subscribe – use this to re-activate the service