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(NOTE: We recommend that you use the Abi App, the use of an external App is subject to the terms of that App, and we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your information.)

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The Abi App is the most secure way to chat with Abi.  The App works from any smartphone, tablet or PC.

Click on the button below. You will be logged in automatically.


You can chat with Abi like any other friend on Viber. To use this option, you must have Viber installed on this device. 

Click on the button below to open Viber. Your Account Number should be pre-filled. Send it to Abi to start.


Abi is also available as a contact on Telegram.

Click on the button below. You should be logged in automatically.


You can chat with Abi on Skype (text only).

Click here to add Abi as a contact. Then, send your account number in the chat to activate the service:

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We already sent an SMS to the phone number we have for you.

You can reply to the SMS from Abi with 'Yes' to accept the terms and activate the service by SMS.

(NOTE: You will not be able to send images by SMS.)


Abi can help with any health-related questions which do not require a physical examination.

By making it quick and easy to get professional medical information, we save you time and help give you the confidence to decide the best way forward.

(IMPORTANT: This service is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment and should not be used for emergencies.)

Once you've signed up and activated the service, just write: "Hi Abi" to use the service at any time.

Abi will tell you when you can enter your question, and will ask you to confirm before sending your question to the doctors.

Just send your image in the chat, and Abi will confirm that it has been received.

(IMPORTANT: To protect your privacy, do not include any images which identify you or anyone else or provide any names or contact details.)

Abi doctors are all practicing physicians, licensed and registered in their country of residence.

We always tell you the name and the specialty of the doctors who answer your questions, so that you can feel confident in the information they provide.

Most questions are answered in 5 minutes or less.

More complex questions may take 10-15 minutes for our doctors to answer. Every question you ask is carefully reviewed and thoughtfully answered by our doctors.

Abi can communicate in Croatian and English and allows you to access doctors from Croatia and the United Kingdom.

We will ask you to confirm your country and language settings during the account activation. You will also be able to switch again whenever you want.

To change the language, simply tell Abi by texting ‘Speak English’

To change the doctor’s country, simply tell Abi by texting “Change the country to the United Kingdom”.

Abi is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Your Account Number is:

You can also find your Account Number in the welcome email and SMS.

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