how Abi works

Send your health question to Abi, and within minutes you'll have an answer from one of our friendly doctors.


Abi is a Chatbot which works inside of messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram and SMS. That means that Abi works from any mobile phone, tablet or computer — no need to download yet another App.

  1. Activate your account
  2. Confirm your settings
  3. Use the service

By using Abi, you agree to our Terms of Use.


1. activating your account


It’s easy to activate your account:

If you receive an SMS inviting you to the service, just answer “Yes” to activate your account. Abi will confirm your settings, and then the service is ready to use.

If you did not receive an SMS, you can activate via your preferred messaging service

  1. Choose your preferred service here.

  2. Enter your Account Number

  3. Abi will confirm your settings, then the service is ready to use

Note: by activating your account, you agree to our Terms of Use.



2. confirming your settings


Once you activate, Abi will confirm:


3. Using the service

Abi is incredibly easy to use. Just enter your health question, and Abi will get you an answer in minutes from an experienced physician.





asking a health question

When you have a question about your health:

  • Tell Abi that you have a new question OR simply ask your question





sending your question

Abi will ask you if she should send your question to our doctors.

  • Write YES to share your question with our doctors
  • Write NO to continue writing your question, OR simply continue writing your question





canceling your question

If you change your mind or get stuck, you can always tell Abi to cancel, which will allow you to start over.

  • Write CANCEL to stop the process at any stage





giving the doctor additional information

If the doctor thinks it's necessary, you may be asked to provide more information before the doctor gives you an answer.





your answer from a doctor

Abi will tell you when a doctor has answered your question. You will see:

  • the name, specialty & country of the doctor
  • your answer from the doctor
  • Abi will ask you if you have any additional questions

Remember, this is a general health information service, which is not intended to diagnose or treat disease. The doctors will give you advice and recommendations based on the information you provide them. You are responsible for providing the doctors with adequate information and for the safe implementation of any advice. (Terms of Use)





follow-up questions

Abi will ask you if you have any further questions

  • Write YES to ask a follow-up question OR simply write your question

We will always try to get you an an answer from the same doctor who answered your first question, but if that doctor is not available, you may receive a reply from a new doctor.





phone call with a doctor

Abi can connect you with a doctor to ask your follow-up questions over the phone.

  • Write CALL when Abi asks what kind of follow-up you prefer
  • Abi will first call the doctor, and then call you

Please ensure you remain available to take the call:

  • If you don’t answer, Abi will try to call you again
  • Abi will cancel your request if you don't answer 3 times





changing your settings

You can change your settings at any time, simply by telling Abi what you would like to change: