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At Abi Global Health, we understand the importance of having our users love our assistant as much as we do. Particularly as with so many apps and assistants hitting the market daily, it can be difficult and confusing to choose which one suits your specific personal needs. 

That's why we've decided to offer our potential users a one-week free trial of our virtual healthcare assistant Abi, with absolutely no strings attached and nothing to pay. This is our little present to you so you can see exactly what everyone is talking about, and why it really will transform the way you seek health advice. 

Your FAQs answered:

'I'm currently not travelling can I still subscribe to Abi?'  Yes you can! Our assistant works in whatever country you are currently residing and will allow you to speak to real doctors in your native language. 

'I need help getting set up.'  Not a problem. Contact us and we'll be sure to help you with any queries you may have. 

´Do I need a smart phone to use Abi?´ No, as long as you have downloaded Skype or Facebook Messenger on a computer or tablet you will be able to subscribe to Abi. 

´How do I know when my free trial has ended?´ Your free trial will end exactly a week after you have subscribed and at this point you will not be able to ask any further questions. 

´Can I share this offer with my friends?´ Absolutely! Feel free to share this post on your social media channels for people around the world to get involved! 

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Healthcare In A Digital World

We’re sure there has been a time where you have stumbled across an app that you hope will improve your health in some way. Fitness, weight loss or health monitoring; internet users are becoming more fixed on AI for health related issues. In fact, 52% of smartphone users gather health-related information on their phones, for reasons that are fairly easy to explain.  

For an improved healthcare environment, digitising is bringing computer technology, information science, and health advice together into a symbiotic relationship. The modernisation of records and computing infrastructure are just some of the helpful additions that now collaborate together to help you get health assistance on the move.

Here are 5 ways in which digitising health assistance is going to transform your welfare!

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1. A More Systematic, High-Quality Care

By ways of communicating digitally with your personal doctor, Abi creates ‘decision support’. Based on symptoms and patients’ records, decision support can lower the cost of advice by using real-time data and reduce the likelihood of medication error.

Standardised workflows can consistently limit variation in the system, therefore results can be automated to improve efficiencies with ‘one click flows’, based on the symptoms and queries you provide.

 2. More Proactive And Targeted Care

“[Productivity] doesn’t just come from putting an electronic medical record in, it comes from… [using] the data across the continuum to predict and prompt, and it’s a whole different ballgame.”

 (Source: Matthew Swindells, Cerner)

By using predictive analytics, remote community monitoring is anticipated to reduce admissions and readmissions. Meaning supports shift from reactive to proactive care pre empting and avoiding problems.

Health assistants are designed to be user friendly. By single access point for all clinical information across large complex providers – they improve clinical decision making and efficiency.

 3. Improved Access To Specialist Expertise

Artificial intelligence reduces A&E attendances and hospital admissions which improves the patient outcomes by waiting time, money and assertiveness of results.

Putting it into perspective - in the US, there’s just one licensed physician for every 370 people in the U.S. By using a health assistant, you could be diagnosed in under 5 minutes!

4. Mobility and Cloud access

Your local GP, your hospital, and insurance companies, are now storing your medical records in the cloud. So if at any point, you need to access test results, you can do so, online 24/7. Just be connected to WiFi!

 5. Contribution To The Overall Improved Population Health

The cloud of results and shared real-time data have been better able to conduct health research. Based on patients records, artificial intelligence can achieve big improvements in health advice.

Artificial intelligence is reliable and designed for people on the move. By using Abi - accessible on any mobile device, you can have access to personalised assistance in the palm of your hand.


Business Travellers! Want to be left to your own devices?

Preparing extensively for your business trip doesn’t have to be labor intensive, especially if your life already seems to constitute the inside of a train carriage or a business class air flight cabin. As digital age dwellers, we now have the right to demand that our products are more electronic, efficient, effective (and entertaining) than they used to be.

You only have to observe the monumental changes in the travel sector. The hours you used to spend ogling an A-Z or moaning about the terrible exchange rate are long gone (we’ve all been there).  Google Maps, City Mapper and TransferWise have found solutions to these woes and have subsequently taken the world by storm in spectacular viral fashion.

We’re here, to show how our virtual health assistant, Abi, can help you with your other travel peeves: seeking health advice away from home. We know that illness cannot be predicted and is uncaring in the cruel way it takes over and ruins the best made (business) plans. Add to this the fact that healthcare on the move is, at present, hard to come by, limited in resources and creates a rather large hole in your travel wallet. With our AI health assistant, we’ve changed all that.

With subscriptions starting at only €3 a month, Abi vows to be online 24/7 in order to connect you to a real doctor, wherever and whenever you need advice. Through Facebook IM, KIK, Skype and many other communication platforms Abi’s artificial intelligence evaluates your question and matches it with the right doctor so they can be sure to bring you accurate advice quickly and effectively. Proving that smartphone scrolling can have its health benefits.

Keeping you happy, healthy and thriving.

It's no secret that we are on the cusp of entering The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a time which sees the digital merge with the biological in a way that many didn't think possible. As a generation we’ve made excellent progress in artificial intelligence so far, you only need to take Siri as an example. Apple’s chat-bot has already been in your pocket for years offering you efficient and accurate information on whatever, and whenever you request it. At Abi we’ve recognised and developed these basic AI credentials, which we know work well, and have made a health assistant which is smarter and way more useful.

Our aim is to make monitoring health easier. No longer will your sudden illness whilst travelling impact your life as before. Your first port of call will not be to ring your local GP, only to be given the earliest appointment in two weeks time. Instead, you will consult your mobile, tablet or computer to receive professional, accurate health advice within minutes, and here’s the best part - from real doctors.

At Abi Global Health, we’re different. And, it’s to do with how we use AI. We still understand the necessity for human connection, especially regarding something so important as health advice. Rather than you receiving information from a computer data set, Abi’s artificial intelligence receives your question and matches it with the right real doctor, to answer your concerns. You receive advice in record speed from a real doctor in your home country and are able to have a potential diagnosis and suggested medicaments within a mere three minutes. This is the intelligent AI that the developing digital world has been waiting for. It’s all about pushing the envelope, and Abi has done just that.  

Want to give Abi a try? Now you can! We are offering a free trial for all first time Abi users. Sign Up here and never have to worry again!

We have Google Campus Residency!

All this week the Abi team have relocated to the sunny Spanish capital to take part in the residency programme at Google's Campus Madrid. We're so thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best start-ups in health, fintech, fitness and eCommerce that our digital generation has to offer.

We'll be sharing updates as we have them, but first, we want to thank all of you that have supported us since we launched!  We can't wait to see what the future holds!

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Health Insurance Innovation Summit

We were delighted to take part in the Health Insurance Innovation Summit last month. Appropriately for a conference about innovation, it was held in an innovative format: online and asynchronously. That means that we can now share our presentation with you:

We can recommend you check out the rest of the conference as well. There were many interesting talks.

Our presentation focused on some of the macro trends shaping the modern world: increased mobility, rising healthcare costs & the impact of technology on both these areas. 

People around the world now take more than 1.2 billion international trips each year. There are more than 200 million people living outside their country of origin — for work, for study, for love or just to explore the world. Long gone are the days when international travel was expensive and exotic. Today we can all be Phileas Fogg.

But what does that mean for the services we consume? We expect our lifestyles to travel with us. Whether that’s movies and music or the ability to FaceTime or Skype with family and friends. But what about healthcare? How can we deliver high-quality healthcare — that is sensitive to people’s cultural, not just biological needs — no matter where they are in the world?

We look forward to your feedback on our presentation.