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It's no secret that we are on the cusp of entering The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a time which sees the digital merge with the biological in a way that many didn't think possible. As a generation we’ve made excellent progress in artificial intelligence so far, you only need to take Siri as an example. Apple’s chat-bot has already been in your pocket for years offering you efficient and accurate information on whatever, and whenever you request it. At Abi we’ve recognised and developed these basic AI credentials, which we know work well, and have made a health assistant which is smarter and way more useful.

Our aim is to make monitoring health easier. No longer will your sudden illness whilst travelling impact your life as before. Your first port of call will not be to ring your local GP, only to be given the earliest appointment in two weeks time. Instead, you will consult your mobile, tablet or computer to receive professional, accurate health advice within minutes, and here’s the best part - from real doctors.

At Abi Global Health, we’re different. And, it’s to do with how we use AI. We still understand the necessity for human connection, especially regarding something so important as health advice. Rather than you receiving information from a computer data set, Abi’s artificial intelligence receives your question and matches it with the right real doctor, to answer your concerns. You receive advice in record speed from a real doctor in your home country and are able to have a potential diagnosis and suggested medicaments within a mere three minutes. This is the intelligent AI that the developing digital world has been waiting for. It’s all about pushing the envelope, and Abi has done just that.  

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