Business Travellers! Want to be left to your own devices?

Preparing extensively for your business trip doesn’t have to be labor intensive, especially if your life already seems to constitute the inside of a train carriage or a business class air flight cabin. As digital age dwellers, we now have the right to demand that our products are more electronic, efficient, effective (and entertaining) than they used to be.

You only have to observe the monumental changes in the travel sector. The hours you used to spend ogling an A-Z or moaning about the terrible exchange rate are long gone (we’ve all been there).  Google Maps, City Mapper and TransferWise have found solutions to these woes and have subsequently taken the world by storm in spectacular viral fashion.

We’re here, to show how our virtual health assistant, Abi, can help you with your other travel peeves: seeking health advice away from home. We know that illness cannot be predicted and is uncaring in the cruel way it takes over and ruins the best made (business) plans. Add to this the fact that healthcare on the move is, at present, hard to come by, limited in resources and creates a rather large hole in your travel wallet. With our AI health assistant, we’ve changed all that.

With subscriptions starting at only €3 a month, Abi vows to be online 24/7 in order to connect you to a real doctor, wherever and whenever you need advice. Through Facebook IM, KIK, Skype and many other communication platforms Abi’s artificial intelligence evaluates your question and matches it with the right doctor so they can be sure to bring you accurate advice quickly and effectively. Proving that smartphone scrolling can have its health benefits.