Available 24/7

from any mobile phone or computer.


No need to download yet

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  • available via SMS and
  • popular messaging systems like Messenger, Skype, Telegram & more

Abi connects you to licensed

physicians in your country for

  • immediate health advice or
  • remote medical consultations by voice or video.

trusted advice

Just Googling your health questions can be overwhelming.

Online symptom checkers ask too many questions and don’t give clear answers.

Abi gets you personalised advice, from a global network of carefully-selected doctors, who are all licensed in their countries of practice & vetted for their medical knowledge and communication skills.

Abi lets you choose your preferred language and physician country when you sign-up. And you can change your preference at at time.

available 24/7

Whichever country you choose, our doctors are available day and night, from anywhere in the world.

Abi works from any mobile phone - even if you don’t have a data connection.




By default you will be anonymous to our physicians, giving you peace of mind to ask even the most sensitive questions. For text interactions, our physicians will see only your Age, Gender, Nationality and Country of Residence. Data is encrypted and stored securely, in accordance with the privacy laws & regulations of the Republic of Ireland and the European Union.

(You can the details of our Privacy Policy here:


how Abi works

Abi is the easiest way to get medical advice.

When you sign up, you will receive an SMS from Abi to activate the service. From there you can continue to use Abi by SMS or you can switch to your preferred messaging system, like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, LINE or kik.

Abi couldn’t be easier to use:

  1. Send Abi your medical question

  2. Abi will automatically evaluate your question and match it with the right doctor (who may ask you clarifying questions, if needed)

  3. The doctor sends you an answer with advice and recommendations


If you prefer a phone call or video chat with the doctor, you can specify this, and Abi will call you and connect you with a doctor or initiate a video call through your mobile or computer web browser (no need to download an app, even for video calls!).

Abi is available immediately 24/7, and most cases are resolved in 5 minutes or less.

what’s different about Abi


EASY to use

No downloads, no sign-ins, no appointments. Using Abi is as easy as reaching out to a trusted friend.


REAL Doctors

With Abi, your medical advice comes from a licensed physician, not a computer algorithm.



Abi travels with you, giving you 24/7 access to doctors in your preferred country, no matter where you are.