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Introducing Abi.

What company is behind Abi?

Abi is created and managed by Abi Global Health Limited, a company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

Abi Global Health is privately owned by an international group of doctors, technologists and tech investors who are on a mission to transform the way people access professional medical help.

If you'd like to learn more, you can get in touch here.


Who are the Abi doctors?

The doctors available through Abi are practicing physicians, licensed and registered in their country of residence.

Abi connects you with doctors in your home country, or a country of your choice (complete list available here), and we always tell you the name and the specialty of the doctors who answer your questions, so that you can feel confident in the information they provide.

PLEASE NOTE: A doctor-patient relationship is not established when using Abi.


How can Abi help me?

Abi can help with any health-related questions which do not require a physical examination.

For many people, their first question is "do I need to see a doctor?" We believe the best person to answer that question is a doctor. By making it quick and easy to get professional medical information, we save you time and help give you the confidence to decide the best way forward.

PLEASE NOTE: All information provided by the doctors via Abi is intended for general information purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Abi should not be used in cases of medical emergency.


How much does Abi cost?

For many people, Abi is provided for free by their insurer, employer or other service provider.

For those who do not have free access, pricing varies by country. You can sign up to Abi directly here.

If you'd like your employer to provide you with free access to Abi, please fill out the form here, and we will contact them.


How Abi works.

How can I sign up to Abi?

If you've been given free access to Abi, you will receive an SMS and/or email to activate your account.

To sign up to the service directly, click here.

How do I ask a question?

Once you've signed up and activated the service, just write: "Hi Abi" to use it at any time. Abi will tell you when you can enter your question, and will ask you to confirm before sending your question to the doctors. 

How can I add an image to my question?

You can include an image with your question through any messaging service except SMS. (To switch to a new messaging service, just tell Abi. For example "switch to Skype.")

Send your image to Abi within the chat, and you will receive a reply from Abi confirming that your image will be added to your question. Write your question and Abi will confirm with you before sending your question and the image(s) to our doctors.

PLEASE NOTE: To protect your privacy, do not include any images which identify you or anyone else or provide any names, contact details or other identifying information.

What languages can I use with Abi?

Here's a full list of available languages.

Abi can also connect you with doctors in many countries. Here's a full list of physician countries.

If you change your preferred language, be sure to change your physician country to match, so that the doctors will understand what you write. It's easy to do: just tell Abi what you want. For example "talk to me in French" and "I prefer doctors in France."

How can I unsubscribe?

If you think you'll never again need help from Abi, you can cancel your subscription by telling Abi "Unsubscribe."

What's different about Abi.

Do I need to download a new App to use Abi?

Nope! There's nothing to download.

Abi is available via popular messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Skype and Telegram. Here are instructions on how to reach Abi through a messaging service, and a full list of supported services.

If you don't have a data connection, you can always access Abi via SMS as well. Here is a list of local SMS numbers.

How quickly will I get an answer?

Most questions are answered in 5 minutes or less.

More complex questions may take 10 to 15 minutes for our doctors to answer. Every question you ask is carefully reviewed and thoughtfully answered by our doctors.

How do you protect my privacy?

All the information you share with us is encrypted, stored securely, according to the strict standards of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We never share your name or contact details - not even with the doctors. You can confidently ask even the most sensitive questions, knowing that you will remain anonymous.

PLEASE NOTE: We suggest that you help us to protect your privacy by not including any personally identifiable information in your questions to the doctors. Read our privacy policy here.

Are my questions answered by a computer, or a real doctor?

Every question you ask is carefully reviewed and answered by a real doctor.

We use artificial intelligence to route your question to the right doctor and to make the process more efficient, but we are committed to giving you direct, fast and easy access to real doctors, so you can trust the information they share with you.

What are Abi's working hours?

Abi is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.