A fast guide for Doctors

Abi is a remote health information service, provided to users all over the world through messaging and phone calls.


To start using Abi, you need to:

  1. Download the Telegram App to your smartphone (available for Android & iOS).

  2. Access Abi via this link ↗  OR open Telegram and search for @AbiHealthPro in the Contacts section

  3. Click on Start and then enter your account number (provided to you previously)


Answering questions

Your answers are supposed to be informative, and to help the Users with the concern they have about their health. Use your medical common sense when answering.

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Please use a sober and empathetic communication style for your answers. Our Users are often looking for reassurance as much as information and a few kind words can go a long way. 


Phone calls

Sometimes, the patient will ask to have a call with a doctor. It is not intended for diagnosis and prescriptions. 

First, you will be presented with information about the user and about the health question. To initiate a Call, select “Call” and Abi will call you, then call the User and connect your calls. The User will never see your phone number and you will not be charged for the call. 


Please introduce yourselves as Dr Your Surname from Abi. Refer any questions about the service to the Abi Customer Service (hello@abi.ai or the website www.abi.ai)

Emergencies: If you detect a situation where there is a medical emergency, you should rapidly refer the user to local emergency services.

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