Partnering with Abi.

Abi is a benefit that adds value for all stakeholders.


With utilisation rates 10-20x higher than typical telemedicine services, Abi is a benefit people actually use. People love Abi, and because we co-brand the service, people love the companies which bring them Abi.

We combine Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & an innovative cloud architecture to deliver Abi. We put you ahead of the curve, helping you to differentiate your products & stand out from the crowd.

For resellers, we provide a compelling revenue opportunity. For healthcare payers, we can significantly reduce costs and improve retention & engagement by integrating intelligently with existing customer journeys.



We work with global & local insurance companies to provide a compelling value-add service, differentiate their products and drive customer engagement. Abi helps your customers avoid unnecessary doctors appointments in about 70% of cases, and we can help to keep your customers in-network when they do need offline care. Get in touch to learn more!

Employee benefits

Unfortunately, so many benefits don't get used and end up as little more than bullet points on a document. Abi is a universally relevant benefit which people actually use and love. In fact, our NPS is a whopping 79! And by helping users to avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor, Abi benefits both employees and employers. Get in touch to find out more!


As many as 8% of travellers will be sick during their journey. Because Abi is available globally, from any phone - even without a data connection, Abi is always ready to help. Abi can deliver service in 6 languages and offers access to doctors around the world. Just like you, we were designed and built to be global. We'd love to hear from you and share more!

Health & wellness

Abi is a perfect complement to health and wellness websites, Apps and services. Abi can be seamlessly integrated into any App or website to offer your users an enriched experience or to generate revenue with a premium subscription or revenue share. Get in touch to learn more about partnering with Abi.