Style and content of the answer

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We like our doctors to use a sober and gentle style for the answers. Our users, as most people do, don’t like short and sharp answers, even if they may sometimes provide information using a truncated ‘SMS-style’ of writing. Many doctors begin with sentences like "I'm sorry to hear you're not well" or "Thanks for your question" & finish with sentences like “I hope this helped” or “I hope you feel better” which our users appreciate.


Content of the answer

Your answers are supposed to be informative, and to help the users with the doubts they have about their health. You are not supposed to provide diagnoses or treatments unless it is extremely clear to you and always explaining that the opinions is given according to the information available.

Since the patient remains anonymous, no patient-doctor relationship is established. It is clearly explained to the patient that Abi’s service is for general information purposes.