How are you paid?

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You will be paid every two to four weeks, the total amount corresponding to the questions answered.

The amount is fixed according to the estimated time needed for the answer and the price/minute charged by most doctors in their practice in your country. The amount is displayed always together with the question, so that you can choose if you want to answer or skip the question.

When you see an available question, the payment for a single answer is displayed. After a first answer, the user might ask a new question. Then, the total payment (for the first + the second answer) is displayed again. If the user asks again a question, there is no payment for the second follow-up question, for the same user and the same doctor. You have the right not to answer follow-up questions, and another doctor will do so (and will be paid as if it wass is the first question for him).

For text messages, the average response time is 1 to 5 minutes. For telephone calls, the average time is around 8 minutes.

You have to tell us what your preferred method of payment is: PayPal (direct payment) or Amazon Vouchers (Amazon checks).